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Shyam M. Thomas

MS candidate

Advisor: Dr. Michael Palmer

Oklahoma State University


  • Lab Preperation for BIOL 1404 Lab, Introductory Biology Labratory

Research interests:

Currently I'm researching the effects of mowing on a patch of prairie grassland and also compiling information for a review on 'Grasslands of India'. I'm interested in broad scale (macroecological) species diversity patterns while on a more applicative side I'm interested in understanding how anthropogenic activities / disturbances influence plant communities (especially grasslands) and how these disturbances differ from their more 'natural' counterparts.
And, of recently my search for information on grasslands of India has invoked an interest in high altitude montane grasslands of Western Ghats (in South West India). I'm eager to hear from anyone with an interest or experience on similar grasslands elsewhere.

Brief Academic Record:

B.Sc Botany & Zoology (1996-1999) - St. Xavier's College, Mumbai, India.

M.Sc Environmental Science (2000-2002) - University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India.

M.S Botany: 'Plant Ecology' (2003-present) - Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma.