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Kiyoshi Sasaki

PhD candiate

Oklahoma State University

Research interests:
Given my ultimate goal of helping reptiles and amphibians, my interests include:

(i) human impacts on organismal ecology, behavior, and distribution (my dissertation is "Ecology and Behavior in Japanese mamushi, Gloydius blomhoffii: Defensive Pattern and Variation in Compromised and Noncompromised Populations")

(ii) human-mediated rapid evolution

(iii) ecological study using dendrochronoloy, and

(iv) relationship between growth of reptiles and amphibians (assessed using skeletochronology) and tree growth pattern with respect to annual variation in climate and other ecological factors.

Because of my relatively traditional lifeway in Japan (fishing/hunting and gathering under the belief system of "nature-worship"), as well as living experience with the Ainu (aboriginal people of Japan), Native American, and Mongolian tribe in China, I am interested in the roles of traditional belief systems in governing local people's behaviors with respect to their exploitation of flora/fauna and environment. Besides gathering and sharing scientific findings, my effort involves promoting Japanese traditional belief system/activities (i.e. "nature-worship") in my hometown of Japan. This includes ritually/ceremonially-managed fishing/hunting and gathering, which have been largely eroded today but has had significant positive roles on the local biota and environment.

Link to a newspaper clip "OSU Zoology Student Helps Conserve Snakes in Japan"

Selected education and experience

-Oklahoma State University, B.S. (1999)
-Completed Beijing University of Physical Education, China, Degree Program in Martial Art (1993)
-Completed Beijing Language Institute, China, Intensive Chinese Language Program (1992)
- Certified, Traditional Chinese Massage, Beijing Haidian District Adult Education and Training Center (1992)
- Instructor, Tai chi, Physical Education, Northwest Indian College, Bellingham, Washington (1997)
- Instructor, Tai chi, Electives, Lummi High School, Bellingham, Washington (1996-1997).
- Instructor, Tai Chi, FIT First Program, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma (1997-present)
- Animal Caretaker, Department of Zoology, Oklahoma State University (1997-present)

Selected publication

Sasaki, K, A. J. Place, and K. N. Gaylor. (Submitted). Attitudes Toward Rattlesnakes by the Peoples of North America and its Implications on Rattlesnake Conservation. In: Biology of the Rattlesnakes.

Sasaki, K., M. W., Palmer, and T. Hayashi. (In progress). Influence of climate, elevation, and land use in regional herpetofaunal distribution in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan

Sasaki, K. 2005. Balance among necessity, effectiveness, and ethics: an example of the marking methods in Gloydius blomhoffii. Bulletin of the Herpetological Society of Japan 2005(1):9-12 (In Japanese)

Sasaki, K., and D. Duvall. 2003. Rainwater drinking by free-ranging Japanese pitviper, Gloydius blomhoffii. Current Herpetology 22:43-44.

Sasaki, K. 2000. The great humanity of true martial artists. T'ai Chi 24:32.

Sasaki, K., and J. Feld. 2000. Tai Chi Ch'uan as a way to cease our problems and suffering in our life. T'ai Chi 24:30-32.

Community Outreach

Presentation. 1999. True happiness and nature. Hakuyo-highschool, Hokkaido, Japan.

Radio interview. 1994. Influence of Confucius and Daoism in China. Obihiro News Station, Hokkaido, Japan.

Invited workshop. 2000. Snakes: biology and traditional belief system. Chiisago Elementary School, Hokkaido, Japan.

Invited workshop. 2000. Snake identification, biology, and ecology. Ishizaki Elementary School.